Incident Reports

To enable users to submit reports when there are issues with sites or services, enable the appropriate options in the SSD Administration Console:

  • Admin -> Incident Reports -> Configuration

Enabling incident reports will display the Report Incident link in the SSD navigation bar which will allow users to submit reports:

Optionally, you may enable users to upload screenshot images of the issue they are experiencing with the following: 
  • Admin -> Incident Reports -> Configuration -> Enable File Uploads
  • Admin -> Incident Reports -> Configuration -> File Upload Path
  • Admin -> Incident Reports -> Configuration -> Uploaded File Size

If Incident Report File Uploads is set to False, then the Screenshots section with file pickers will not be shown to users on the report incident screen.

When users submit incident reports, if email functionality is enabled in the SSD Configuration Manager, then the Incident Description text (limited to 160 characters) will be emailed immediately to the Text Pager Recipient.  

Submitted incident reports can be viewed in the SSD Administration console here:
  • Admin -> Incident Reports -> List Incident Reports
Note: The SSD dashboard is not updated by incident reports, it is up to an SSD administrator to officially create an incident.